Changing Strings


Changing strings bother me all the time but really make me fresh !
Here are my favorite La Bella strings and my buddies.
La Bella strings are tough enough to hit hard and make it fat and bumpy. SUPER ALLOY 52 for JB’s, Quarter Round Stainless Steel for PB and Black Nylon Tape Wound for Acorstic Bass.
ホンマ、弦変えるのってじゃんくさいねんけど、変えるとやっぱすっきりします。ラベラの弦って強く弾いても奥が深いんで気に入ってます。ラウンドのSUPER ALLOY 52はジャズベに、クォーターラウンドをプレベに、ブラックナイロンはエレアコに張ってます。

SUPER ALLOY 52 SAB 45-B  .045 .065 .085 .105 .135T
SUPER ALLOY 52 SAB 45  .045 .065 .085 .105
Deep Talkin’ Bass Quarter Round Stainless Steel 760QM  .045 .063 .085 .107
Deep Talkin’ Bass Black Nylon Tape Wound  760N  .060 .070 .094 .115